These 4 Signs Could Lead to Surgical Tooth Extraction

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We often neglect our oral health due to which maintaining a dental hygiene goes in vain. Just like our body needs the proper amount of food and care, even a thorough cleaning is needed to keep our teeth strong. It becomes impossible to bear the pain caused by a damaged tooth and the condition worsens if the infection escalates. And when that happens, your dentist might ask you to get your tooth extracted.

There are several reasons which could lead to tooth extraction and we have listed down some of them in this write-up.

  1. When You Have a Decayed Tooth: A decayed tooth can certainly be fixed, but what if the infection spreads to its pulp? It can turn out to be something serious, and your neighboring teeth can also start getting affected. A lot of such cases require a root canal treatment, but a surgical tooth extraction might be needed if the tooth is about to wear off.
  2.  You Have Impacted or Crowded Teeth: Impacted teeth are those that do not get enough space in your mouth to grow. Crowded teeth, on the other hand, take place if you have a cleft lip or if your jaw is quite small for your teeth. Both overcrowding and impaction lead to extraction because they prevent the eruption of other teeth.
  3. When Periodontal Disease Comes into the Picture: Periodontitis is one of the stages of gum disease. Your teeth and jawbone can get weaker at this stage, and the former can start getting sabotaged one by one. Thus, you might have to opt for tooth extraction if you face something similar to this. Gum disease must be treated right from its first stage or else it can give rise to other deadly diseases if the condition elevates.
  4. If You Have a Chipped or a Broken Tooth: Your tooth can get chipped or break if you bite on a hard food item. It can also happen while playing a sport or due to an injury. The tooth can be easily mended with the help of a dental crown or implant, but the treatments might not be of any help if you don’t get it fixed in time. And your dentist might have to extract the tooth if that happens.

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