Dental Sealants in Richardson, TX, Gentle Touch Dentistry Richardson

What are dental sealants?

Protects Your Teeth from Cavities

According to research, dental sealants have been shown to reduce the chances of cavities by 80% within a span of 2 years, and by 50% within a span of 4 years.

Long-lasting Protection

Sealants can be easily replaced and have a potential lifespan of up to 9 years with proper care.

Perfect for kids!

Children who do not have sealants on their teeth are three times more likely to develop cavities compared to those who do have sealants.

Quick, painless, and effortless application process

Applying the liquid form of the thin coating is done by painting, and it solidifies in about one minute. It's really that easy!

Who is eligible for dental sealants?

  • School-aged children
  • Adults with a tendency for cavities
  • Individuals looking for enhanced protection against tooth decay!

What can you anticipate during a dental sealant treatment?

A sealant is comparable to a small plastic filling, and numbing is typically not required as tooth enamel lacks nerves.
  • Firstly, we will thoroughly examine the tooth or teeth that need sealing to ensure there is no decay present.
  • Next, we will administer a solution that improves the bonding of the sealing material to the tooth's surface.
  • Then, we will expertly apply the sealant to the tooth and use a specialized curing light if needed. And that's all there is to it!

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