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From the moment you walk through our doors, to the moment you leave with a healthier, more beautiful smile, you’ll be happy you came to see us.

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If you are in search of an efficient and skilled dentist in Richardson, TX, then your search ends here. At the office of Gentle Touch Dentistry, we are committed to taking care of the oral health of our patients with the utmost care. We are serving Richardson and its nearby areas since the year 2016 and take pride in the fact that none of our patients have returned from our office with a gloomy face. Our main goal is to ensure maximum patient satisfaction in a minimum budget. And for this, we never leave any stones unturned.

Our staffs are highly trained and immensely hard-working. They work day in and day out so that our patients residing in and around Richardson, Texas never feel dissatisfied with our services. Our main USP lies in the fact that our lead Dr. Anuritha Chepyala and the entire team are highly adept at handling any kind of dental situation, It doesn’t matter even if it is a dental emergency.

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Our Dentists Help The Patients In The Following Situations

At the dental office of Gentle Touch Dentistry, we help our patients in the following areas.

Dr. Anuritha Chepyala - Dentist in Richardson TX

Dr. Anuritha Chepyala

Dr. Anuritha Chepyala is a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry. After working as an associate throughout the Dallas metropolis for 8 years she opened Gentle Touch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in September 2016.

Dr. Chepyala’s philosophy is to listen to what a patient wants and to use the newest technologies available delivering the highest quality care possible.She is known for her gentle and creative touch. She enjoys helping each of her patients improve their health, appearance, and self-esteem by creating the smile of their dreams, and also maintaining the health and function of their teeth, gums and bite.

The Proof Is In Our Patients

Below, you can see just a few of the many satisfied patients showing off their transformed smiles. With the dental care services provided by Dr. Anuritha Chepyala, your personal appearance will be enhanced, and your oral health will be improved. We want to provide you with care at our luxurious dental office in Richardson, TX 75081, and ask that you call us at (469) 336-3069 to learn how we can help your smile become a truly aesthetic feature. We hope to see you soon at Gentle Touch Dentistry!

Our patients in Richardson TX

What Makes Us One Of The Best Dental Care Providers In Richardson, TX?

We, at Gentle Touch Dentistry, are serving Richardson, Texas and its surrounding areas since 2016. We understand the importance of healthy oral habits and the benefits of abiding by it. This is the reason why we leave no stones unturned in meeting the requirements of the patients. Our only goal is to provide top-notch dental care without straining the finances.

Dr. Anuritha Chepyala and her entire team are extremely friendly and helpful. We can assure you that we are one of the best dental care providers that you will find in Richardson, TX. Speaking of the quality of services, we can assure that you will never feel dissatisfied. The positive reviews and accolades that we have earned over the years by serving our patients in and around Richardson, TX is our greatest treasure.

Dental Client in Richardson- Gentle Touch Dentistry

Why Have We Etched Our Name As A Leading Dental Care Provider In Richardson, TX?

If you are a resident of Richardson seeking the best dentist Richardson. We can definitely help you out. In Richardson and its surrounding areas, we are definitely the best you will find. We have the experience, as well as, the skill to treat the dental problems of all the patients. And in this quest, we always put our best possible effort.

The main reason for our stupendous popularity is that we always use the latest tools and equipment. We make sure our patients never feel any kind of discomfort during the course of the treatment. Simply speaking, patient satisfaction is our only goal and we always try our level best to live up to their satisfaction. We bet you will never get a chance to complain!

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Call us for scheduling an appointment or drop us an email on our Contact Page. Whether you're visiting Gentle Touch Dentistry for a routine dental checkup or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Anuritha Chepyala is the best you can get in Richardson TX and nearby areas.

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