Are you in search of a dentist who can meet the needs of your entire family?

Gentle Touch Dentistry Richardson provides comprehensive care for individuals of all ages, with a focus on delivering a pleasant and positive dental experience for each patient. Our dedicated team excels in fostering strong relationships between younger children, teenagers, and adults and their Richardson dentists.

Discover our top-rated family dentistry services

Protective Sealants

Our dental sealants provide a thin, protective layer that easily sticks to your teeth, safeguarding them against tooth decay. Our dental sealant treatments are suitable for individuals of all ages, including children and adults, and are most effective when received at an early stage.

Sports Mouthguards

Are your children involved in contact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, or hockey? Engaging in these sports, among others, can result in teeth becoming chipped or cracked. To ensure optimal protection for their teeth, we provide customized mouthguards.

Emergency Care

If you or your family need urgent care, we are here to help. Our dental services provide fast relief for toothaches, broken teeth, swollen gums, and other dental emergencies. Contact us now to book an appointment at our Richardson location for immediate care.

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