Taking Care Of Your Dental Veneer Can Restrain It from Wearing Out

By Gentle Touch Dentistry Richardson

A dental veneer has the ability to improve the appearance of your discolored tooth and it also protects its surface from getting damaged. It is a dental layer which is placed over the affected tooth to mend it.

Veneers can also repair a chipped tooth, alter the state of a short tooth and fill the gap between missing teeth. Therefore, it can be advantageous in many ways, but, a dental veneer can wear out soon if  you don’t look after it.

These below-mentioned tips can make your dental veneer sustain.

Oral Hygiene is Mandatory

The bacteria in your mouth can escalate if you don’t follow a proper oral hygiene. An unhealthy mouth can trigger innumerable dental diseases and your veneer can certainly wear out due to that. The plaque and tartar build-up can highly affect the dental layer, hence brush and floss your teeth twice in a day and also don’t forget to keep your tongue clean. Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash too.

Don’t Bite on Anything Inedible

Habits such as chewing a pen cap, biting your nails and so on can majorly affect your dental veneers. Thus, stop using your teeth as a tool if you want to protect your cosmetic dental work.

Avoid Beverages that Can Cause Stains

Caffeine, red wine and other acidic beverages are known for damaging your teeth. They can not only make your teeth appear discolored but can also give rise to severe oral issues. Your dental veneers might not be effective if you drink acidic beverages at an excessive amount. You can use a straw while drinking something acidic as the liquid won’t have direct contact with your teeth.

Don’t Choose an Abrasive Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with an abrasive toothpaste is harmful for both your teeth and veneers. The surface of your dental veneer can get majorly damaged due to the ingredients in an abrasive toothpaste. Thus, be very careful while choosing your toothpaste.

Choose a Toothbrush with Soft-Bristles

A soft-bristled toothbrush is not only good for the maintenance of your dental veneers but, it can also prevent dental abrasion. Toothbrushes with round and soft-bristles are suggested for restricting tooth sensitivity and other oral discomforts. Therefore, it is also important to choose your toothbrush wisely.

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