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Kids Friendly Dentistry

Dental Care For Kids In Richardson, Garland, and Plano, TX By Dr Anuritha Chepyala

We love kids as much as kids love us. When it comes to great oral care for you child, we are definitely the best choice in Richardson, Texas, and Plano. We can not only help the dental issue from worsening but can also prevent such issues from cropping up in the future. Therefore, we invite parents to get in touch with our dental team as soon your child’s teeth start erupting.

At Gentle Touch Dentistry, we have the skill, as well as, the ability to provide quality dental care to children all over Richardson, Garland, and Plano. Our warm, cosy, and friendly ambience are ideal for children of all ages. We bet they won’t feel stressed while visiting our office. Here are a few reasons why we can vouch for the quality of services we provide –

  • A Positive Ambience – As a kids’ friendly dentist, our one and only goal is to provide top-notch dental care to the children. Our dental staff are extremely friendly and caring and put forward all the necessary efforts to treat children with great care.
  • Early Preventive Care – We are a team of highly-qualified dentist serving Richardson, Garland, and Plano. We are adept at identifying, and in turn, treating each and every issue related to children’s mouth and teeth in its early stages. Our USP lies in the fact that our team always provides affordable dental care to each of our patients.
  • A Positive Ambience – Whenever you visit our office with your kid, you will feel at ease. We strive to educate our patients while offering our best in a calm & relaxed environment. Our dental staffs are extremely friendly and caring and put forward all the necessary efforts to treat children with great care.
  • We Use The Latest Technologies – We are aware of the fact that providing kid’s oral care is not easy. We, at Gentle Touch Dentistry, always use state-of-the-art technologies and focus on providing quality kid’s oral care. We leave no stones unturned in fulfilling our primary agenda, i.e., to satisfy you, as well as, your kid.
  • Kid-Friendly Ambiance – At Gentle Touch Dentistry, we make sure to keep the child happy and jolly even during the course of the treatment. For this, we always put our heart and soul in order to ensure the maximum comfort level to the kids. We even go beyond conventional treatment procedures so that they never suffer from any kind of mental stress or anxiety.

What Are The Services We Provide?

Kid’s dentistry involves a wide array of services. At Gentle Touch Dentistry, we have attained complete mastery in providing quality dental care to kids residing all over Richardson, Garland, and Plano. Listed below are some of our major areas of expertise –


A dental emergency is a situation that requires immediate medical attention from an experienced emergency dentist. An intense pain and profuse bleeding are some common outcomes. If not treated with urgency, it can lead to tooth loss. You can visit us if your child becomes a victim of any kind of dental emergency.


None can deny the importance of primary teeth. It is better if kept intact. Extracting it at a premature age due to tooth decay can lead to many dental problems in the long run. This is when the root canal treatment comes into play.


Children around 6-7 years of age are vulnerable to crowding, tongue thrusts, and cross-bites. Our experienced dentist providing top-notch dental care for kids is adept at carrying out extensive orthodontic treatments by means of space maintainers, habit appliances, and rapid palatal expanders.


Preventive dental care is a way of keeping the teeth healthy. It helps children avoid dental issues such as cavities, tooth decay, periodontitis, gingivitis, space deficiency, and enamel wear.

What Makes Us The Best Kids Friendly Dentist In Richardson, Garland, & Plano?

At Gentle Touch Dentistry, we always follow the latest and the most updated technologies. Our dedicated team always strives hard to provide top-notch treatment to children residing in Richardson, Garland, and Plano. We always ensure maximum satisfaction whenever parents visit us with their child complaining about their child’s oral health. Our team makes sure they don’t get any chance to complain.

Therefore, if you are in search of an experienced and highly-skilled dentist in Richardson, Garland, or Plano, then we can bet your search will end here. We can solemnly say that we are the best choice in Texas if you ever think “who is the best kids friendly dentist near me?”

You can dial our number 469-336-3069 to book an appointment with our experienced dentist. Else, you can visit directly at 1750 Alma Rd, Suite 110, Richardson, TX 75081, USA. We bet your kid will return home with a smiling face.

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