Top 5 reasons why you should go for Teeth Whitening

What’s the use of wearing an expensive attire unless you have an attractive smile? Teeth whitening these days are just the perfect procedure for giving your teeth a shiny appearance but without putting much strain on your finances.

The procedure of teeth whitening carried out by the expert professionals have not only earned stupendous success but have also instilled confidence in people who have pale coloured teeth and fears laughing at public places.

In this blog, we are going to discuss five important advantages of teeth whitening

Quick and Easy

Teeth whitening is an extremely easy procedure. If done by a professional, you will be able to see noticeable results even in two weeks. The average time that you are required to spend with a dentist may last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the discolouration of your teeth. And the best thing is, you will get teeth ten times fairer than what you used to have.

Extremely Comfortable

Many patients made use of over the counter whitening ointments and reported pain and tooth sensitivity. But on the contrary, if you book an appointment with an expert dentist having years of experience in teeth whitening, you will never face these kinds of problems.

Experts always suggest a fluoride treatment after completing the tooth whitening procedure. It cuts down the sensitivity of the teeth and also to prevent the hydrogen ions from penetrating the surface of the teeth.

Never Affects The Teeth

Since there is no reduction of the teeth, there is no harm caused. The best thing about this kind of treatment is that only the surface of the teeth is bleached, while the rest of the portion is left as it is. In this way, you will get shiny white teeth without causing any harm to your teeth. Additionally, you will be asked to apply a thick medicated gel for maintaining the proper lubrication of the teeth

You Can Pick Your Shade

If you chose to purchase any kind of ointment from the store, you will have no liberty to decide how much white you want your teeth to be. On the other hand, if you choose to visit an expert dentist, you will be able to decide the strength of the treatment. You can easily discuss with the doctor about the level of whitening you wish to have.

Long-lasting Results

Unlike the whitening ointments brought from the store, a professional whitening treatment result last for a long time. The take-home maintenance kit provided includes custom-fit trays and whitening gel so that you can take care of your teeth even at home. Expert dentists also use whitening pens to make your teeth look white, as well as, shiny.

From the above discussion, It can be easily concluded that the process of teeth whitening is an extremely easy and affordable procedure. We, at GentleTouch Dentistry, are dedicated to looking after all your oral needs. So, if you are a resident of Richardson, Texas, then never forget to visit us. Just dial (469) 336-3069 and book an appointment.

Teeth Whitening Makes Your Smile Brighter, Here are its Benefits

Teeth whitening not only alters the state of your teeth but also lets you sport a beautiful smile. Several people long for a set of sparkling white teeth and to achieve that goal, you must follow a proper oral hygiene. The plaque formation near the gum line may not go even after brushing and flossing properly, however, a whitening treatment can help you get rid of discolored teeth.

Today, we will be talking about the advantages of a teeth whitening treatment. The benefits are given below.

Teeth Whitening is Not an Expensive Treatment: Sometimes an expensive dental treatment restrains us from opting for it. But, teeth whitening is not pocket pinching, rather it is quite affordable.

Gives Your Confidence a Boost: Great confidence makes you a positive person. And with a whiter set of teeth, your overall personality could get enhanced. You will feel more confident about yourself too.

Results are Obtained Fast: A lot of dental treatments take time to give results, but it is not the same with teeth whitening. You will be able to see the difference in your teeth right after the completion of the procedure.

There Won’t Be Any Tooth Reduction: Your tooth will be preserved during teeth whitening and there won’t be any reduction. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the tooth structure getting affected.

The Effect will Sustain: The result that you will get after a whitening treatment certainly could last for long. But you also have to take good care of your teeth in order to make the effect sustain. Avoiding acidic foods and beverages can help in making your teeth stain free.

Your Tooth Enamel Remains Safe: It’s a very safe dental treatment. The enamel of your tooth does not get affected and neither does it increases sensitivity to something cold or hot.

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