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A radiant smile is one of our most captivating traits. But what can spoil your teeth? Poor oral practices! Brushing is a vital part of oral routine. And guess what? Howbeit brushing seems to be a simple job; there are certain mistakes that we unknowingly do.

Common brushing mistakes you should definitely avoid:

  • Using the wrong toothbrush

Two types of toothbrushes are available: manual and electric. Pick what is suitable for you.  But always select a soft-bristled one.

The size of the brush’s head is absolutely essential. Your brush should fit smoothly inside your mouth. It should reach all your teeth and gum areas. 

  • Not replacing your age-old toothbrush 

Using a toothbrush for a long period is a big NO-NO! It’s vital to alter after every 3-4 months or once the bristles fray or break. Also alter it when you recover from a cold or the flu. 

  • Storing your toothbrush improperly 

Don’t keep your toothbrush wet if you put it in an enclosed place like a drawer or cabinet. Or it will slowly become a breeding spot for bacteria! Remember to keep it in an upright position and let it air dry before you put it away.

  • Using the wrong brushing technique 

Don’t brush too hard. Always be gentle, particularly where your gums and teeth meet. Begin from the gum line and move up and down in little round motions. Don’t forget the inner sides of your teeth. Also make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride!

Don’t scrub. This can hurt your gums and also the corners between the teeth won’t be properly cleaned. Therefore plaque and bacteria remains, which will cause cavities and other oral issues.

  • Rushing the brushing 

When you rush, all of your teeth won’t be cleaned properly. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that your toothbrush session should always be for at least two minutes twice daily! 

Also don’t brush several times! That can wear down tooth enamel and spoil your gums.

  • Forgetting your gums

Do you know that your gum line can harbor plenty of bacteria and plaque? This can cause future gum bleeding and pain. 

Keep your toothbrush bent at a 45-degree angle and let the bristles make entry to your gum line. Then clean the portion in soft round motions. 

  • Brushing right after meals

We normally consume foods that are acidic in nature. Hence, this makes the oral cavity an acidic environment. Brushing your teeth instantly after eating can eventually wash away the enamel layer of the teeth. 

ADA states, after you eat, just wait for an hour and then brush.

Get that Little Extra Help

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