The Symptoms and Treatment of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

bad breath symptoms
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Bad breath is known, in scientific terms, as halitosis. Bad breath is, as you already learn, a disorder where the mouth gives off an unpleasant smell. This is due mainly to the excess amount of bacteria in the mouth. The best way to know if you’re having bad breath is, of course, if someone asks you, or if you can smell it yourself. What if no-one asks you, though? How do you know when you’re having a bad breath?

If you do have a persistent bad breath epidemic, you shouldn’t leave it untreated. That would only result in additional complications. You’d come across the other distinct signs of bad breath and treatment in the following sections of this article.

Symptoms of bad breath

  • A weak or sour taste in the mouth is a sign of bad breath which is almost inevitable. This could be caused either by high bacterial content in the mouth or by a reflux of acid. Acid reflux is a digestive disease, in which the food pipe lining is irritated by stomach acid.
  • Another symptom of getting a bad breath is a whitish or yellowish coating on the tongue. Typically this is linked to the food you eat, or to bad dental hygiene. Every time you brush your teeth, it is recommended that you use a tongue-cleaner.
  • A dry mouth is also a sign of getting bad breath. Saliva is meant to lubricate the mouth and counteract any possible bad mouth odor. Lack of saliva means the mouth doesn’t have enough lubrication to battle off the bad smells.

Treatment for bad breath

It is essential to keep the bad breath away by using a clean, alcohol-free mouth rinse, such as Biotène. It is advisable to rinse with your mouth after every meal you take, no matter what mouth rinse you use. If you choose to wash your mouth, avoid alcohol content, as strong flavors would only make the situation worse.

Moreover, it prevents or completely stops tobacco consumption. That may not be fast, but neither is there a bad breath, every single day! Have a healthy and balanced diet, and brush and floss your teeth regularly in the morning and evening.

Note that the symptoms and causes mentioned are just a few of the more common ones related to bad breath. It’s possible that your bad breath can display some other symptoms, which emerge from unusual causes. That way, if you have a bad breath endured, see a dentist near you in Richardson TX immediately!

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