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Periodontal Therapy In Richardson, TX By Dr Anuritha Chepyala

Periodontics is a specialized branch in the field of dentistry. It particularly involves the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. This primarily includes gums, alveolar bone, cementum, and the periodontal ligament. Our lead dentist, Dr Anuritha Chepyala, have more than one decade of experience in treating patients affected with Periodontitis.

According to a recent report published by the American Dental Association, Periodontitis is a very common disease in adults aged 35 and above. If left untreated, it can lead to severe adverse effects on the overall oral health of the patients.

But the good news is, Periodontitis is now completely treatable. Visit Gentle Touch Dentistry today and get it treated without wasting much time. We assure you that we will address the issue using the latest technologies available in the field of dentistry.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease?

Since its initial effects are not that massive, it becomes very hard to detect periodontal disease. But in the later stages, it can have severe impacts on your mouth. Some major signs and symptoms of Periodontitis are as follows –

  • Bad breath for a prolonged period of time.
  • Swollen, red-coloured and tender gums.
  • Sudden and intense gum bleeding.
  • Sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Loose teeth.

Tooth loss is a common outcome in the advanced stages of Periodontitis. The disintegration of the jawbone is the major reason behind it. Uncontrolled gum disease sometimes also leads to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other serious health conditions. Thus, it should be treated without wasting any time.

At Gentle Touch Dentistry, if we see that a particular patient is suffering due to Periodontitis, then we immediately swing into action. Our experienced dental team first analyzes the situation and decides the best course of action as per the condition.

At our dental office, we try to identify gum disease by checking the depth of the pockets between the teeth and the gums. Healthy pockets should not be deeper than 3mm. A visit to our dental office every six months helps us identify the growing depths of these pockets. Once our dental team detects any sign of infection in your gums, we will commence our periodontal therapy.

How Is Periodontal Therapy Diagnosed?

In order to determine whether you are a victim of Periodontitis, we follow the following steps –

  • Review Your Medical History – We thoroughly review your medical history so that we get a clear understanding of the factors that are contributing to this situation.
  • Examine The Mouth – We check your mouth for plaque and tartar buildup and other factors that have led to Periodontitis.
  • Measure The Pocket Depth – We measure the pocket depth of the groove between your gums and teeth by placing a dental probe adjacent to the tooth beneath the gumline. A healthy gum line should not have pocket depths more than 3mm. Pocket depths more than 4 mm indicates Periodontitis.
  • Take Dental X-Rays – We take X-Rays for boneless in areas where we observe pockets deeper than 4 mm.

How Is Periodontitis Treated?

The therapy for Periodontitis entirely depends on the extent of infection in the gum tissue. In the initial stages, it can easily be restored to good health with proper hygiene and a few visits to our dental office. But if we see the depth of the pocket is more than 5mm, our dentist Dr Anuritha Chepyala would recommend deep cleaning, scaling, or root planning.

Scaling and root planning involves using special tools to clean the upper and lower surfaces of the gum line. In scaling, plaque and tartar are removed from the surface of the tooth and pockets, while root planning helps us to clean to the root of the tooth. You may have to visit our dental office more than once for complete removal of bacteria and plaque. In certain cases, we combine antibiotic therapy along with scaling and root planning.

If Periodontitis reaches its advanced stages, then surgery may be required. Our skilled dental team is skilled enough to perform the Periodontal surgery without causing much trouble. Visit us today for high-quality treatment if you face any issues with your gum.

Why Visit Gentle Touch Dentistry For Treating Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a severe gum disorder. If not treated on time, it can have severe impacts on your overall oral health. At Gentle Touch Dentistry, our highly-trained dentist, Dr Anuritha Chepyala have been treating patients all over Richardson, Garland and Plano by implementing the latest techniques in the field of dentistry.

Our Periodontal cure is class apart and is one of the best in Texas. We guarantee that you will not return home with a gloomy face if you visit us. Speaking of Periodontitis treatment cost, we never charge more than what we deserve. You will not feel burdened while paying our remuneration.

Thus if you are facing any problem with your gum, and if you are a resident of Richardson, Garland, or Plano, then come and visit us immediately! Give us a call us on 469-336-3069 today to book an appointment, or you can also visit us directly at1750 Alma Rd, Suite 110, Richardson, TX 75081, USA to directly meet with our dental team.We guarantee you of quality services.

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