Is It Better To Get Invisalign Or Braces?

Dental braces are orthodontic treatments serving to straighten your misaligned teeth. They are custom-made for you to give you the best fitting. On the other hand, Invisalign is responsible for straightening your teeth without the use of traditional braces. But have you ever wondered which one’s better? Get to know if braces or Invisalign is the best solution for you. 

Treatment Duration

For Invisalign, the duration of treatment requires over 20-24 sets of aligners. Each aligner is replaced after every two weeks. Whereas braces usually need 12-18 months to correct your smile. 

Cleaning Teeth

In this context, Invisalign aligners are more convenient to clean as they are removable. However, for braces, the cleaning process is a bit complex. For aligners, you can remove them and clean them with a toothbrush and antimicrobacterial wash. But for braces, you can brush and floss normally, but it will require frequent dental visits. 


Invisalign aligners are more effective and aesthetic in comparison to braces. Since they are virtually invisible, Invisalign aligners help in enhancing your appearance. In braces, your appearance is better because they are visible on your teeth. 


Braces are comparatively more uncomfortable than Invisalign aligners. The brackets of the braces are often problematic and often cause discomfort. Invisalign aligners are comfortable because they are custom-made for your teeth, making the fitting of the aligners very comfortable. 

Cost Efficiency 

A typical Invisalign aligner would require replacement every two weeks in the initial phase. But when it comes to braces, you can keep them the same. In general, braces cost around $1,800 to $5,500. However, the estimated cost of braces depends on the duration of treatment and the severity of your tooth. Invisalign normally costs around $5,000 as it involves 3D printing technology for making them.  Although Invisalign is slightly more expensive than metal braces, the end result and appearance of your teeth becomes more pleasing. 

Emergency Visit 

Dental emergencies are inevitable and can also happen if you have dental appliances. For Invisalign, it requires fewer emergency visits. On the contrary, emergency visits for braces are more frequent. Because of braces, there is a possibility of poking wires that often become loose during treatment. Thus, getting Invisalign is always the feasible solution for avoiding emergency visits. 

Tooth Movement 

If you have severely crooked teeth, then braces are the best solution. Both braces and Invisalign are perfect for complex tooth movements. But if you have mild or moderate teeth alignment, then Invisalign aligners are the best solution. Aligners are suitable for minor tooth rotations or tipping movements. 

Appointment Interval 

After getting aligners, the appointment interval is comparatively less than braces. You need to visit the dentist every 4-8 weeks for braces. Whereas for Invisalign aligners, you must see them every 2-3 months. 

The Bottom Line

Undeniably, both Invisalign and braces tend to help straighten teeth. Both of them serve the purpose of restoring your smile effectively. However, most dentists have stated that Invisalign is better than braces, simply because of its convenience, comfort and aesthetics. It applies especially to people who have severely crooked and misaligned teeth. However, if you have mild or moderate misaligned teeth, Invisalign is the best solution. The choice of these orthodontic appliances depends on the condition of your teeth, which a dentist can only understand. Visit your dentist and get to know the best treatment option for you.

Achieve That Confident Smile With Invisalign Treatment!

Everybody craves for a beautiful smleftile! There are many people who feel embarrassed of crooked or crowded teeth. One of the most demanding solutions for the orthodontic issues is to wear braces, but with the increasing rise in the need for teeth straightening, there is yet another option available known as Invisalign.

Aligners are a clear set of tight-fitting custom-made hard plastic mouthpieces that slip over the teeth. It can be used by patients who have mild to moderate crowded teeth or have minor spacing issues. It can also align the bite. People with minor overbite, crossbite, or underbite issues can get their Invisalign treatments. Since they are tight fit, it’s best for adults or teens.

Invisalign is the biggest producer of clear aligners, but it’s not the only brand. Well, clear or “invisible” aligners aren’t meant for everybody. Your Orthodontist or dentist will examine you and decide what’s apt for you.

How will your Dentist Treat you in Richardson, TX?

In Richardson, TX, once a dentist or orthodontist decides if you are an appropriate candidate for Invisalign treatment, they’ll make a plan for moving your teeth. 

 Then the dental team will work to complete a series of 3D digital impressions. These impressions are sent to the Invisalign laboratories where a precise set of trays will be created that will help the patients through the process of improving their smiles.

This is done by wearing the trays for a minimum 20 hours a day. The trays are easily removable, which lets patients continue their oral hygienic practices like flossing and brushing and even eating. The number of trays in patients’ series may differ as it is based on how severe your misalignment is. You’ll get a new aligner after each few weeks to continue moving the teeth into the desired position.

Benefits Of Invisalign:

    • Easily removable trays to straighten the teeth
    • You get a brand-new smile without having to hide behind metal appliances
    • As trays are removable, therefore patients find comfort in maintaining their oral hygiene.

How Much do Invisible Aligners Cost?

Treatment costs for aligners are generally set by the individual dentist or orthodontist, but can be more costly than braces. In most cases, costs range between $5,000 and $6,000 approximately.

We Value your Smile!    

Patients experience less pain, discomfort, and mouth sores in this treatment than people with traditional metal braces. At Gentle Touch Dentistry, we can help you achieve a beautiful, confident and healthy smile with Invisalign.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Invisalign®

Invislaign® is a kind of a clear aligner that is used in orthodontics- a field of dentistry associated with straightening and aligning teeth. It is an innovation in dentistry and has been readily adopted by orthodontic patients around the world for several reasons. It is currently treating over 2.5 million orthodontic patients worldwide.

So what is it that prompts patients to get Invislaign® over traditional dental braces. To answer that, we take a look at the 5 main reasons why people prefer Invislaign®:

1. No hassle inside the mouth

Invislaign® is smooth and light and unlike traditional dental braces, they do not have braces and wires. This makes Invislaign® comfortable to wear and feels perfectly smooth inside the mouth. While there may be some difficulties getting adjusted to it initially, it will go away with time. Needless to say, they cannot cause any oral injury!

2. Treatment that doesn’t feel like one!

Invislaign® treatment is so smooth that you get the treatment that you need but never feel like it! Invislaign®is removable and that is why you can take them off whenever you want to, although doctors recommend you wearing them for at least 12 hours a day.

You can take them off while you eat, brush and floss, and put them back on. No matter what you eat, it’s not going to affect your Invislaign®, which brings us to the next reason to get Invislaign® treatment.

3. No diet restrictions 

Okay, maybe just a few restrictions but that too depends on your orthodontist. Some do suggest a few restrictions like barring you from having certain acidic foods, while most pose no restrictions at all! The official website of Invislaign® says that you can indeed have anything you want to!

4. No one notices!

This is actually the main benefit that comes to mind when people come to know about Invislaign®. The flaws that orthodontic braces bring to your smile are intolerable! So why not replace them with Invislaign®? Smile as wide as you want to and no one would see brackets and wires on your teeth. Just a pure, white smile!

5. Monitored progress

With Invislaign® treatment, you get to know exactly how your teeth would progress in alignment from the very start. This is because the treatment is computerized and yields you results that you anticipate! This keeps you less impatient throughout the orthodontic treatment and more motivated.

Now that you know the reasons why you should get Invislaign® treatment, what’s holding you back? Just get a dental consultation near you and get set! If you’re in Richardson TX, visit the best orthodontist near you open today and get the best quality Invislaign® treatment!