Ways In Which Dental Implants Can Be Beneficial

It is important to get your missing teeth replaced or else it can have an impact on the shape of your face and lead to many oral problems. Dental implants not only reinstate your smile but also restrict several oral diseases from occurring. It is a surgical component which provides a strong base for a dental prosthesis such as bridge, crown and so on.

A dental implant is associated with many advantages and some of the most beneficial ones are listed right below.

Dental Implants Can Improve the Ability of Chewing Food

Your missing teeth might cause difficulties while eating, but dental implants could restore your chewing ability. They provide a stable foundation for your new set of teeth.

It Can Prevent Bone Loss

The bone cells might start breaking down due to your missing teeth, however, dental implant is one of the most successful dental appliances to prevent bone loss. It stimulates bone growth and reinstates your missing teeth. An implant consists of post, abutment and crown, the former is implanted into your jaw and the bone in it fuses with the titanium post during the healing period.

It Saves Your Adjacent Teeth

If there is a gap between your missing teeth, your adjacent teeth could be highly affected. They might start shifting from their position giving rise to quite a lot of dental problems. Dental implants not only restore your missing teeth, but also saves your neighboring teeth.

Dental Implants Keep the Shape of Your Face Intact

We have already stated above that missing teeth can change the shape of your face, however, dental implants reinstate them and prevent your face from sagging.

Your Speech is Improved

Your missing teeth will not let you pronounce certain words properly due to which you might slur those words. But, dental implants will improve your speech and eliminate every discomfort while speaking.

What To Follow After Dental Implant Surgery?

The surgical site will not recover right after the surgery, thus you must keep certain things in mind until and unless it gets completely healed.

  • Don’t smoke for a few days or else severe complications might arise during the healing period.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • You must not stress yourself after the surgery, thus avoid indulging in strenuous activities or exercising.
  • Don’t disturb the surgical area, therefore, avoid eating from that side.

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5 Consequences You May Face If You Don’t Get Your Missing Tooth Replaced

A tooth can fall out due to several reasons. It could be because of an accident, dental cavities, not maintaining a good oral hygiene, gum disease and so on. But with today’s advanced dental treatments, you can easily get your missing tooth reinstated. Some of you might not know why it is essential to replace a missing tooth, but you must understand that ignoring it can lead to innumerable oral problems.

We have listed down the problems you could face if a missing tooth is not reinstated.

The Neighboring Teeth Get Affected: The remaining teeth can get highly affected because of your missing tooth. They lose support and start shifting and might even start falling out due to gum recession and bone loss.

Bone Resorption: When you lose your tooth, the bone cells break down the tissues which transfer the calcium in the blood and releases minerals. This takes place because the root of the tooth stays no longer attached to the jawbone which leads to further complications.

The Shape of Your Face Could Alter: Missing teeth lead to this as well. The side profile of your face could appear sunken and make you look old.

Difficulties in Eating: This is one of the most common problems that arise due to missing teeth. You may face difficulties while eating due to which, it can cause indigestion as you might swallow certain kinds of foods without chewing them properly.

Your Speech Can Get Affected: Communication skills are quite important to excel in life, but missing teeth can affect the way you talk. You might not be able to pronounce certain words clearly if the front teeth fall out which can lead to several problems later in life.

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